Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Colman Electric has been providing Boston with premier electrical service for over 40 years, establishing ourselves as the leaders in customer service and expertise troubleshooting. Our family owned business has built an incredible reputation of catering to any and all of our client’s electrical needs, no matter what the issue may be.


As a company, we have been locally owned and operated since 1976, and in our 40+ years in the industry we have seen it all. Not only are we familiar will all issues electrical, but we have the staff and know-how to professionally provide solutions to you!


As the best in the industry at troubleshooting electrical issues, we ensure solutions to any electrical problem, via the advantage of an in-house workshop coupled with in-house repair. We can diagnose any electrical issue you may be having due to our experienced staff and passion for solving our customer’s problems.

Passion for Customer Service

Not only are we known for our top-notch customer service, we thrive off of it! Our local, family oriented roots make led us to seeing how important solving problems for customers is, which is why we integrate helping others into our company as whole! Be sure to check out our reviews!