Commercial & Residential

Commercial & Residential

Intercom Systems

Colman installs both Mircom and Jeron intercom systems! Our expertise in these types of installations makes the entire process of connecting your home simple. We make sure the communication within your home is done thoroughly and efficiently!

Data and Cable Wiring

Colman Electric can install patch panels for all of your data and cable wiring needs. Additionally, we can wire any and every on-wall television for residential projects, as well as hang said televisions for you and your family!

Boiler Wiring

In regards to boiler wiring, Colman electric works diligently with plumbers in order to wire and troubleshoot any of your furnace or boiler electrical issues.

Complete Home Rewiring

For rewiring your entire home, Colman will promptly send one of our experienced personnel to your home, and provide you with an entirely free estimate! This is followed by a thorough completion of the rewiring in your home, keeping you and your loved ones safe inside.

Bathroom and Kitchens

When it comes to bathrooms and kitchens, Colman can solve any of your electrical needs and wire either up to standard electrical code!

Troubleshooting and Repair

As the best in the industry at troubleshooting electrical issues, we ensure solutions to any electrical problem, via the advantage of an in-house workshop coupled with in-house repair. We can diagnose any electrical issue you may be having due to our experienced staff and passion for solving our customer’s problems.

Ceiling Fans/ Paddle Fans

Colman Electric has the capability to hang paddle fans due to the fact that code only allows for it to be installed on an approved fan rated box.

Electric Heat

We can wire in electric or supplementary heat, no matter how challenging. Our troubleshooting and know how are more than enough to solve any of your electric heating needs!

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Our Google Reviews

Shanti Fry
Shanti Fry
14:44 19 Mar 18
We were fortunate to inherit our previous house owner's relationship with Colman Electric. We live in home built in 1859 which still had glass tube wiring. . The day we moved in, we had to replace the ancient and dangerous looking fuse box--and that was the day we got to know how wonderful Colman Electric is. For 33 years we have called on Colman to do everything from rewiring a room to figuring out how to replace an impossible- to- find light bulb. We started with Mr. Kevin Colman and are now onto another generation or two of Colman electricians, all of whom have treated our house with love and care. They are great at bringing along apprentices who can carry the Colman tradition of excellent workmanship and quick response into the rest of their careers. We are proud to be Colman clients and value our working relationship with them.
Kimberly Sizelove
Kimberly Sizelove
16:11 16 Mar 18
Love this company. Local, competent and reliable. John, Nancy, Marcio and the whole team are wonderful. A wonderful find that has been so important for me, my home and our building over the years. Reasonable, fair and flexible too. We've done small, medium and large jobs. Just upgraded our whole building's power capacity and it was a win-win-win for all. Thanks!
Gabriel Malseptic
Gabriel Malseptic
20:44 02 Mar 18
Very responsive and professional. They did an enormous job remediating knob and tube for us. Solid, thoughtful, and thorough team.
Melania Barange
Melania Barange
15:57 02 Mar 18
They are very good professionals. Excellent job.
Donato Dandreo
Donato Dandreo
18:00 26 Oct 17
Great service, very professional and friendly!
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